About Us

A Blushing Peach

A Blushing Peach (abp)

We are a makeup tools and beauty accessories online retailer offering a specially curated assortment of makeup brushes, sponges, tweezers, facial cleansing brushes, hair brushes and more. We operate store fronts on popular marketplaces both locally in Singapore and regionally in selected South-East Asian countries.



Most of our products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. We believe that no animals should be harmed in the production or procurement of our products.


We source for brands and merchandise which offer the best price-to-quality proposition. Customers can expect a selection of professional or premium quality products at high-street prices. 



We believe in a sustainable environment and do our part in reducing carbon footprint.


As a small merchant, we have neither the resources to create innovative packaging materials like the footwear giants nor build our own delivery team. However, we can certainly do our part just by reducing waste and engaging in eco-friendly business practices. Over time, we would also be investing in greener materials which are either made from recycled materials or at the very least, bio-degradable and reusable.


Firstly, we directly reduce waste by our choice of packaging. Instead of using larger than necessary cardboard boxes and using fillers for the empty spaces, we right-size our packaging by using padded envelopes for single quantity orders and the most appropriately sized boxes for multiple quantity orders. Considering that merchandise are already packed in manufacturer’s packaging and that most of our products are of a non-fragile nature, this practice will not damage the merchandise in anyway but eliminate wasteful double or triple packaging.


Secondly, we reduce delivery waste by working closely with our delivery courier partners to optimize trips and also offer customers bundle and quantity deals to encourage them to consolidate their orders with us, instead of buying from different merchants and having their orders fulfilled with multiple trips by different couriers.